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The Meek

324 pages


The “provocative” science fiction novel from an award-winning author about the future of humankind—and the future of non-human kind… (New York Times Book Review)

The asteroid Ceres was a place where children born in space could grow in a more Earth-like atmosphere. Then a group of genetically-enhanced humans began a violent insurrection. All unaltered persons were evacuated, and the entire facility destroyed.

Decades later, a corps of engineers and technicians arrives on the seemingly dead asteroid with the job of rebuilding on the site. But the unwitting crew soon realizes that Ceres is not devoid of life. Now, they are about to confront the results of humanity’s scientific tampering—and the consequences could lead to the end of them all.

In this John W. Campbell Memorial Award finalist hailed as “absolutely classic,” Scott Mackay draws readers into a universe in which the ambitions of mankind have given birth to a new lifeform that shares one powerful instinct with its creators.


“Mackay avoids the grandiosity that is an occupational hazard of science fiction writers who dabble in cosmic themes…. Provocative.”—The New York Times Book Review

“A fast-paced action adventure.”—The Washington Post

“Absolutely classic … stunning ingenuity.”—The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

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