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Yoga Mama's Buddha Sandals: Mayans, Zapatistas, and Silly Little White Girls

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This book earned an Honorable Mention in the Eric Hoffer Independent Book Awards for 2018!!

A thrill-seeking young adventuress heads to the most remote jungles of Chiapas, Mexico and straight into a gritty, grimy adventure story about friendship and crumbling walls.

The ruins of the ancient Maya draw many adventurers into the jungles of Mexico and, once there, they usually find adventures aren't hard to come by. Donna Stewart's been on her own since the age of 16. She'd overcome a troubled childhood, homelessness, stereotypes, and predators who look for girls in those types of situations. After putting herself through college and graduating with honors, she thought she was ready for anything. But when she finds herself alone in the jungle with no pesos, no understanding of the language, and forced to trust people she'd been told all her life she couldn' didn't take long for her to learn more about the world, human nature - and herself - than one, silly little white girl, could have ever imagined.

Walk in Donna Stewart's Sandals, and you'll stumble upon Mayan ruins, Zapatistas and really big spiders. You'll come face to face with history and legend, kidnappers and temptation, friendship and heroism. You will cringe at her mistakes, but cheer her bravery. And you'll probably chuckle more than once. Deep research about Chiapas, Mayan Mummies and the Zapatista movement are woven throughout the adventure, including details about the Mexican Revolution. This is a walk well worth taking.

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