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Guarding His Fortunes

200 pages2 hours


Two rugged men, thrust together in the aftermath of a perplexing heist at a Santa Fe art gallery, must work together to save an imperiled fortune.

But they distrust one another and immediately butt heads.

Elan, a captivating park ranger and glassblowing artist, resists the new hotshot charged with protecting him and his luminous creations.

Sam, a clever and tenacious bodyguard, discovers a bevy of alarming secrets during his investigation of the burglary.

Neither man would ever dream that the other could excite his imagination, trigger his yearnings, or crash through his personal walls.  But the key to unraveling the mysteries may require Elan and Sam to expose their hidden desires and reveal their concealed feelings.

"Guarding His Fortunes" is a passionate romantic suspense novel full of surprising twists and contains intimate themes intended for mature audiences.

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