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Bad Rabbi

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Rabbi Louis Abrams is the kind of man who’d schtup one’s wife, grown daughter, even grieving, widowed mom.

Thing of it is, he’s also a pretty good rabbi. The lead rabbi of a large South Jersey congregation, Abrams is a committed clergyman who holds a regular Tuesday night rap session, leads a local Boy Scout troop and is considered a pillar of the community.

But Abrams, a womanizer whose reputation off the bimah clashes with the charm and conviction he radiates from it, finds that his tightly controlled world comes undone when, after meeting a Philadelphia radio personality, he isn’t just fornicating but fallen in love. To sustain his new relationship, Abrams concludes that he must get out of his marriage but that a messy public divorce would ruin him. His solution: to have his wife, a prominent local businesswoman, murdered in the midst of a robbery.

Inspired by actual events.

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