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Mental Chastity And Outdoor Facesitting

54 pages58 minutes


Sebastian is, for all intents and purposes, a happily married man. He is a successful businessman, and on one of his business trips, he meets Violet, a woman so unlike his wife, and he cannot resist her. They start an intense relationship, purely sexual, but the power dynamic has shifted so completely that Sebastian is a little confused.

Violet even asks that Sebastian come to her with his wife, such is the grip that she has on him, and when he disagrees, she insults him and humiliates him. Such is the nature of their relationship!

Sebastian asks for forgiveness, and tries to make contact with her, but she lets him stew for a long time. When she eventually talks to him, she has a plan, to humiliate him more that she has thus far.

In public, in view of a lot of other women, she gets him to do a series of acts that bring her incredible pleasure, and while she forces Sebastian into total submission, it is strangely pleasurable for him too.

He isn’t even a shadow of the respectable businessman that he is in the real world, but this other side of him is one that he cannot resist exploring, and he wants more, even if it means keeping this secret from his wife...

This 16,000 word novella contains mature themes of femdom, facesitting, tease and denial, verbal, and physical humiliation and should be read by adults only!

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