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Sustainable Architecture: A Solution to a Sustainable Sleep-out Design Brief. Volume 1.: Sustainable Architecture - Sustainable Sleep-out Design Brief, #1

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BOOK DETAILS: Volume 1 : 222 pages in total. 20,000 words in total.

Volume 2 - second book (not included in this book)

This book was written with the intent to assist teachers, parents, caregivers, students, architects, designers, and those who are interested in Education for Sustainability, Environmental Education, Eco Education, Sustainable Architecture, and Design and Visual Communication. Sustainable architectural solutions are the focus. Different sustainable sleepout solutions are discussed and illustrated.

The sleepout briefs and the solutions by 16-year-old students are:

The Egg Sleepout (egg-shaped, floating sleepout) The Shipping Container Sleepout. (Constructed by using 3 x shipping containers. The Armadillo and Onion Inspired Sleepout (focus on the biomimetic principles of the onion and the armadillo). Based on a Design and Visual Communication book by the author. Included free in this book.


As a practising Design and Visual Communication teacher, who has also practised Technical Drawing, 'Ingenieur's Grafika' (Afrikaans), and Graphics, for the past 22 years, the author wanted to give back to students and teachers.

 He has studied extensively over the past 15 to 20 years (education). He is qualified in Design and Visual Communication, Education for Sustainability, Technology Education, Innovations for  STEM (Science, Technology, Environment, and Mathematics), Gifted and Talented, Research Methods and eventually completed a Master's degree in Open Education, Global development Education, Peer-to-Peer collaboration (P2P), Peer Learning (PL), Peer Assisted Learning(PAL), and Peer-to-Peer Learning Technologies. The author has secondary school teaching experience of over 22 years in Technology Education.

 The benefits for reading this book is that the contents focus on informing the reader about sustainable architectural practice, and then continues to give practical examples of how a typical sustainable design brief could be structured and planned. As mentioned, three different sleepouts are included to provide depth to the sustainable features and functions considered for each design brief.

Several resources are included in the appendices for the reader. The author produced a systematic solution to the design briefs with a range of media and techniques, which the reader will find valuable. The resources include freehand sketches, illustrations, screenshots, drawings, Sketch-up design work, annotations, and YouTube video clips produced by the author specifically for these design brief. The resources will provide a solid starting point for readers either to attempt their own sustainable design projects or to teach sustainable architectural design.

Armadillo and Onion inspired design brief is included:

After touching on the first two sustainable sleepout briefs, the author includes the solution to an armadillo and onion inspires sleepout towards the end. The intention is to develop the sleepout design brief to include creativity and innovation for students. This section is taken from a book by the author namely, 'Armadillo and Onion inspired sleep-out design brief: Research, climate, weather, ideation and freehand sketching- Sustainable Architecture.'

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