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A Bride For Us

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As if being orphaned, broke and forced to answer an Ad for a mail order bride isn't bad enough. Lily finds out, much too late, that she must be a mother as well. Unfortunately for her, being a mother is the least of her problems compared to the very glaring problem of whose mother she has to be; a mother to six children. 

Raymond doesn't exactly have a choice when he decides to put out an Ad for a mail order bride, excluding the very major detail of his six children. With the dire need of proper feeding, care and love that his children are in, he would much rather lie to a woman than lose his children to starvation. 

The plan was to acquire a housekeeper in the guise of a wife and live as friendly strangers. Raymond is not prepared for the feisty blond that answers to his Ad or the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore her presence.

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