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For This: Their Sub Series, #3

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It all started with the wine.

Chloe was bored. Ever since Diana and Shona got hitched and moved to cow-country, Chloe has been in a limbo. As a successful designer, her career was on the rise. But her personal life needed a serious makeover. That shouldn't have been reason enough, for Chloe to chug down questionable quantity of wine and wake up in a stranger's bed . . . er . . . naked.

Things just escalated from there.

Rex was a man on a mission. He'd had his sights set on the delectable Ms. Walker. And now that she was within his grasp, he had no intention of letting her slip away. Along with his best friends, Wade & Mark, Rex starts weaving a web of emotions around Chloe; compelling her to surrender her body and mind to the insanely hot trio.

Chloe was caught. She took the plunge into the unknown and never came up for air. They possessed her. Inside and out. But when the past collides with present, will Chloe persevere?

Chloe better watch out, as the sexy trio is about to school her in the matters of body . . . and soul.

She'll probably need a lot more wine. For this.

For This, is the final book in Their Sub Series. It's a series about three besties, Diana in No Option, Book 1, Shona in Done For, Book 2, and Chloe Walker in Book 3. They are standalone but wouldn't you rather know what all three women experienced?

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