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Grow More Loving

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Grow More Loving is, first and foremost, a reflection on the nature of consciousness and our search for meaning as sentient beings in a world that comes with no explanation. Lucky for us, the author has collected about ten-thousand years’ worth of guesses as to why we are here and what do we do. These hints come in the forms of spiritual movements, philosophers, prophets, artists, writers, scientists, and musicians across space and time, and are ordered chronologically in the hope that you may find a way to connect these dots of light to better inform your own Theory of Everything.
Grow More Loving was the last book authored by Lawrence Miller and his final written contribution to The Conversation. Through his writing, approach to life, and presence in the lives of others, Miller has surely added more than his share of love to the mix. We are happy to leave you with his most recent contribution. Its thesis is the title of this book.
“Why not join this historical conversation and get in touch with your own theory of everything? We each are guided by our personal understanding of reality—a set of core beliefs influencing our choices and shaping our lives. Are you happy with yours? Does it enable you to express your authentic self? Are you growing more loving?”
-Lawrence Miller

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