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The Integer: Whitewashed, #2

533 pages7 hours


Some lies are safer in the dark.

After months of working with the MTA in search of her captured best friend, Ella Kepler stumbles upon a secret that predates everything she understood about Kara's kidnapping—including her own past. Armed with a truth that could either destroy or save lives, Ella works alongside a group of metahumans determined to battle injustice and bring every lie to an end. As Ella's involvement thickens, she's forced to realize that lies have consequences, enemies wear two faces, and even memories can't be trusted.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the second book in the "Whitewashed" trilogy, following Ella as she finds her place in the world of metahumans and Grifters, a world too hungry to let one girl escape.[DRM-Free]

The "Whitewashed" Series:

Book 1: The Trace Book 2: The Integer Book 3: The Anamnesis

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