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Psychological Attacks At Work: 4 Zen Ways To Protect Yourself

Length: 55 pages29 minutes


More than 30 years' corporate observation, combined with 3 years' intensive research in several major countries, have shown that the non-application of 4 unique tools has caused trillions of yearly financial losses in companies worldwide and untold sufferings to billions of people.

This ebook shows 4 Zen ways to protect yourself from psychological attacks at work, at home, and on the street. The unique powerful Eastern/Western tools provided are immediately operational. Stopping all fear, stress, pressure, anxiety, and triggering calm and self-confidence.

The ebook is about handling the good, bad, and ugly realities of life. Having control over our feelings and reactions so as not to lose our precious assets - time and energy. Some of these realities can be devastating but armed with these simple, rapid and effective tools one can handle the worst of situations.

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