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Beyond Beauty: A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness

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“The greatest luxury my family had were some tiles that my father had laid down for my mother. My father was a manual laborer. He had taken all of us to one of the tile factories on a family trip. My father couldn’t afford the tiles, so he had us sort through the rejects, the broken and imperfect shards so that we could have something beautiful. I remember how he got on his hands and knees for my mother and for us children. I remember how he concentrated intently as he placed together a work of art for us. It may seem odd to walk across a work of art, but those tiles were our flying carpet and a reminder of his love for us. All these years later, I understand that love and beauty are inseparable.”

Behind every smile and success, there is a story and a journey. Ferial Youakim, internationally known as an image consultant, reveals, for the first time, the tragedy that shaped her life. Born in a refugee camp, she would overcome a lack of education, poor self-esteem, and a crippling fear of public speaking, and create a global company. Her spirit and passion to help people, the love and support of her family, and her unending faith have all been her driving force. Ferial believes that beauty goes beyond more than a word, it’s a way of living the life one deserves.

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