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Taming Tori

Length: 35 pages24 minutes


Meet Tori Rogers, 
a thirty six year old married mother of one, a woman only exceptional in the degree of her disinterest in any act that she considers any darker than creamy vanilla. 
Unadventurous, she is happy in her own secure world. She has heard herself called MILF and Cougar, and she is flattered, but not impressed. In her own words, missionary with the lights off is as adventurous as she is prepared to get, and having said that... not very often if she can possibly manage to divert her husband Barry into some other less strenuous endeavour.
But all of that is about to change because Tori suddenly finds herself in a crazy world beyond her control, a confusing world spiralling madly and dragging her down into a pit of depravity. Can she claw her way back to a normal life? 
But the greatest question she is about to face... does she really want her old life back?

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