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I am

Length: 405 pages6 hours


Thirteen stories. A dreamer, a young man and two archangels in search of truth. What does a depressive, a pedophile, an abortionist, a drug addict, a professional player, scientists, criminals, a sexologist, a schizophrenic, and a handicapped have in common? Both seek to reflect on their actions, their paths future next to the seer, a revolutionary and special being, on a great journey in the northeast of Brazil. Stating be the son of God, he promises listen to everyone, advise them and give valuable tips on how to resume the life by showing his personality and his father over time. The greatest goal of all is to awaken the inner self of each one of them and, reaching this miracle, the truth will finally be revealed. ”I am” also represents  a cry of freedom front ace social conventions as in the past Jesus did. ”I am” shows up  in this way how the human being is  in essence.This is at odds with those who are accustomed to judge others. A thought-provoking book promising many reflections and emotions


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