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Six years ago, he had his life planned out. Rancher Jasper Fords was going to live the dream. He’d continue to work on his family’s successful ranch, marry his high school sweetheart, and spend the rest of his days on the land he loved. It was a plan he had banked on and expected, and one that completely shattered him when it fell apart. Left with a scarred, broken heart, Jasper kept his focus on what was most important, the land and ranching at the Triple R.

Love may not have been in his future, but his desire definitely sparked for Cloves County’s most talked about resident. Jasper was able to deny his attraction to the green-eyed beauty as long as he could keep her at a safe distance.

When it came to scandalous reputations, Kellie Mitchell was the reigning queen in Cloves County. Town tramp, promiscuous, easy, loose, she had heard them all and been called much worse. But while most people would fall from grace running and hiding, Kellie chose to ignore all the whispers and rumors. While her wild girl status had given her a fair share of male attention, there was one who seemed immune. The only man she wanted. Kellie could barely hide her attraction for the handsome, straitlaced rancher. Unfortunately, wanting him from afar was all she seemed destined to have.

When forces of nature strand them together, the reserved rancher and the salacious waitress have their desire and control put to the test.

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