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St. Elmo

Length: 216 pages3 hours


After a fling at their respective siblings’ wedding in the snow-capped mountains of Colorado, Bobbi Davis and Army Ranger Jared return to their separate lives, trying to put the passion of their shared moment behind them.

But Bobbi is the one person Jared can’t get out of his mind during his deployment. And while visiting her sister in New York City, Bobbi discovers that she never stopped loving Jared.

When the chance to return to Timberline for a family event comes up, the pair is thrown together again in the middle of a family celebration filled with love and awkward moments. With the encouragement of her best friend, Bobbi sets a plan in motion to win the Army Ranger back before it’s too late using the techniques from a magazine article. It should be simple. Follow ten easy steps to make Jared fall in love with her. What Bobbi doesn’t expect is for him to play hard to get.

Both wary of the outcome, can Jared and Bobbi find love among the aspens or will their love disappear with the falling snow?

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