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Soul of a Gunslinger

Length: 341 pages5 hours


The California Gold Rush. A gunslinger like no other, Lefty Newman is fast, extremely fast, but this boy’s journey to manhood is going to take more than a gun and a quick draw.

Leaving home to seek his fortune on the gold fields of California, Lefty faces desperate men, desert heat, and freezing mountain temperatures in his long chase for his fortune. Partnering up with another gold hunter, Hide Hideman, Lefty finds his way through the world on the strength of his cunning, spirit, and unfortunately, the speed of his draw.

But now another obstacle has surfaced to keep him from his fortune—a young abandoned girl, Suzan Dempsey. Should Lefty continue chasing after gold or help the girl? He wants gold, but on the other hand, she’s mighty pretty.

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