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So This Is The End...Really?: The Relics Records, #2

Length: 545 pages7 hours


The outcome has been bleak for the teams and the Worlds.  What will they do now?  Survival seems the only option for now.

Or is it?

Learn what the now One-World collaborative has done to maintain control while the fate of the world slips through their fingers.

Is there a way to change this?  Put everything back as it once was?  Would that ever be possible?  What future do they face in this New World together? 

Can they remain together after everything that has transpired reforming the Earth, as they knew it?  What about when not too distant past secrets are revealed?

Or…does this just reform their team…their family…creating tighter and more unbreakable bonds?

Does Relic ever get his moment to surpass his own mother's shadow?  What about his team and their powerful bunch of parents?

Continue on this new adventure with the children of Kyra & Samuel (The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra), Sarah & Kaleb (In The Woods), and the infamous Ash & Erik (Evolution & The Legacy of Ash Series).

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