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Karelia's Hidden Lily

Length: 1,209 pages19 hours


Lily is a Princess in a realm of supernaturals hidden in a small part of Finland called Karelia.  Hers is a story of tradition, family, fear, confusion, love, loss, and hope.

Lily has led a life dictated by the mythological world created long ago by ancestors and Gods she has only learned about from books and stories taught by her parents...King Kaleva and his Queen Hannaliina.

Frustrated with not understanding how she doesn't seem to fit in those confines...she sets out on a journey of her own.  Forced towards her path by a devastating family secret that was never meant to be told.  A journey she long desired simply because she wanted more from life than the restraints that bound her.

With many roads of possibility ahead...her path leading her to cross roads with many others with their own stories to be told.

Join Lily on her adventurous journey of discovery of a vast world she never dreamt possible.  Friends she never thought she'd have.  And...her world she never imagined that would need to be saved.

Lily's story is based on Finnish folklore with an added twist.    Descendants of these once Gods now near human in appearance.   However, each has numerous abilities or gifts that will forever keep them hidden.   Bound to only lists of mythological creatures that are truly part of reality we humans just don't see.

As Lily had to remain hidden herself having been a recipient of a fabled gift...from the Gods.  What is that gift capable of...or Lily for that matter?  Is she capable of saving her family?  Her world?  Can she save ours?

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