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Relationship Goals That Work: A Guide for Those Who Want to Make the Most of Their Relationships

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It has been said that human beings have an innate compulsion to have close and intimate relationships with other human beings. This is because, as some psychologists and sociologists must theorize, human beings have a natural impulse to establish and maintain a sense of belongingness. In fact, having a sense of belonging is a common experience simply because humans are social animals that feel the need to be accepted as members or as part of a group.

For most of us, belongingness has become a necessity, which is much more important than a superficial connection or a casual sexual relationship. Of course, we all like to feel connected to someone as if, in doing so, we could see the value of life, as well as a way to cope with intensely painful emotions, among other things. And although most of us can find belonging to many people and in many ways, there are those who consider themselves connected only to so very few.

The closer we get to other people, both emotionally and physically, the more connected and intimate our relationships with them become. This beautiful bond that we can develop, from our intimate connections with other people, is considered essential for our well-being, without which we can suffer from mental and physical illnesses. But while most of us want our relationships with other people to last, and we hope that the relationships we find ourselves in may serve us better, do we not wonder why some relationships fail?

I hope that this book can guide us through the different levels of relationship we have had with other people, when we reach the point where we are no longer sure of what should be done and we wonder how much we have to do of anything so that we can relive our connection with the other person or persons, immunize our relationship of the inevitable pressures and stresses of life, as well as share and establish mutual goals for the relationship and commit ourselves to the daily actions to achieve those goals.

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