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The School Report: Before We Were Tsars: School Days, #1

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"William could do better if he ever attended class. On the rare occasions he does turn up, he is unresponsive, taciturn and self-absorbed. I often wonder whether he's expired!" Mr Brevity.

"Gordon shows good intent at navigating the classroom door, but after that—well, it's a race to the bottom. When I asked him who was the British Celtic Queen who rose up against the Roman invasion of ancient Briton he replied, "Janis Joplin" – I rest my case." Mr Fructose

A humorous look at school reports of yesteryear when teachers could speak their mind without fear of retribution, litigation or trolling.

If you grew up in the 50's 60's 70's or 80's then you will laugh out loud as you recognise this school world and some of the cruel but fair teachers in it.

A companion short story to the full-length novel "Arc Of A Shooting Star".

Approx 45 pages.

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