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The Golden Gift Of Silence: A Margo Fontaine Mystery, #4

Length: 332 pages4 hours


The Golden Gift Of Silence finds Margo Fontaine—daughter of legendary Opera singer Nicola Fontaine—settled comfortably into her South Louisiana home of Half Moon Bay with her two cats: Ice and Fenway. Nothing ever happens in the sleepy, pleasant seaside town. So, when an old man is discovered murdered on an empty stretch of beach, Sheriff Sam Stark, Margo Fontaine, and all their friends, team together to find out what happened to him.

Before long, another dead body is found in an abandoned church out in swamp land. It's impossible to believe that the two deaths are connected, and yet, both victims have been murdered with the same exotic knife. Now, Margo is forced to take a closer look at the people around her. Because a long-lost treasure is waiting to be discovered, and a deadly race is on to decipher the clues that will lead to it.

When a famous medium appears in town and organizes a seance, long buried Half Moon Bay old-family secrets surface. Margo is faced with a past that she's worked hard to forget. And the others at the event see with growing panic that the medium is laying their deepest secrets bare. It turns out that the woman is too talented for her own good. How much does she know? How much will she tell? But most importantly, is the murderer among the guests at the seance? Because before the medium says too much, he or she might be forced to kill again.

Follow Margo Fontaine and her cats in her Murder Mystery Series in the land of swamps, alligators, haunted hotels and plantation homes, where well-kept secrets and the stories of old Southern families will conspire to keep you reading into the night.

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