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Alpha's Mate: Shifter Romance Bundle: A Paranormal Romance Box Set

Length: 559 pages8 hours


Alpha. Possessive. Dominating. If you like your shifter men like this, then this shifter romance bundle containing three paranormal romances from author Marina Butler is for you.

Featuring sexy, hard-bodied shifters who will stop at nothing to make the women they love their mates for life, and the mothers of their shapeshifter heirs.

These steamy books and alpha tiger, wolf, and bear are sure to whet your appetite and leave you howling and growling for more.

This 148,000 word, 660 page box set contains 3 full length big cat shifter romances: Bad Bear, Alpha's Baby, and Bad Tiger.


Bad Bear

He was so wrong for her…

So why did it feel so right?

Budding journalist Lilly knew that Alpha bad boy Blake was all wrong for her.

What tastes the best is always the worst for you.

Blake was no different.

Sexy… secretive… a man with a dangerous past…

A panty-melting body… a baritone growl…

Endless eyes that devoured every inch of her body…

Sometimes, she felt like she was his… prey.

No, Blake was so wrong he should come with a warning label.

There was no way!

She had to remain professional. After all, Lilly was doing a profile piece on him.

But what Lilly didn't know was that Blake was a bear shifter, one of the few left in the world…

And that his bear had picked her to be his mate… for life.

She certainly didn't know that when a shifter picks out a mate, she must fulfill the role of a mate… to create…

…An heir…

…A baby.


Alpha's Baby

I never thought I'd end up carrying an Alpha wolf shifter's baby…

Infiltrating the wolf pack would be hard and dangerous…

But not as hard and dangerous as its Alpha, Paul Wyatt.

I'm going to get close to the pack, close to its Alpha, to tell this story.

I'm going to be the only journalist to expose the truth of the shifter world.

But what I never expected was for the Alpha to scent me, to set his sights on me.

I never thought he'd claim me as his fated mate for life…

I certainly never expected that I'd end up carrying his baby…

I thought I was just going to be writing a story…

I never thought I'd be starting a family…


Bad Tiger

Tiger Shifter Maximus Brixton has had enough of the small town of Patricia Springs. He's ready to leave, drop it all.

There's nothing here left for him.

Nothing but her… the sexy Catherine Shelton. She's got curves that drive him wild and spunk enough for a whole clan.

But she's the woman he can't have.

The woman he can never claim as his mate.

The woman who doesn't know what he is…

But his tiger's roar is loud.

His tiger's desire cannot be tamed.

His tiger's need cannot be quashed.

Maximus knows she is to be his fated mate.

He knows it will turn her life upside down.

He knows her reality will quake.

But he's going to make her his mate, anyway...

He's going to make her scream in white-knuckled bliss.

She is going to be his.


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