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Justification by Faith and Sanctification

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What is the heart of the gospel and justification? Is it the remission of sins as emphasised by Rome at the council of Trent which leaves the justified person just or it is the forensic/alien righteousness which justifies yet the person remaining unjust
What is faith? what kind of faith one needs to be saved? What is the core of Sola Fide? What is core of the justification taught by the Catholic Church? What is the difference between the Catholic and non-Catholic teaching on the matter. Why forensic justification is not in Paul 's letters. In this book I took the to answer all those questions and showed that salvation is through faith and sanctification as 2 Thessalonians 2:13 teaches and showed what happens to a person inside of a person who has been sanctified and justified. It also shows the role of works in our salvation and proves why forensic or alien rightousness is foreign to scripture and tradition.

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