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Scandal: A Bad Boy Romance

Length: 424 pages7 hours


Everything about him is so… scandalous…

Sasha Mitchell never thought she'd make a mistake like this.

A hot stranger with a body to die for at a wedding?

No. She wasn't about to be a cliché, certainly not another notch for some cocky playboy.

We all make mistakes, but Sasha has no idea just how much this mistake is going to change her life.

Just how wrong it was…

Just how scandalous it was…


Bad boy, playboy, and used to getting what he wants.

Sol Jacobs set his eyes on the sexy-as-sin maid of honor and never looked back.

He'd claim her, make her his, and take from her everything he wanted.

Just another day, just another wedding, just another conquest.

Picket fence? Settle down? What a crock.

He'd get his way, and never look back.

It didn't matter that claiming her would become a giant scandal…

He wanted her.


And he'd take her.


But he never thought…

…when it was all said and done…

…that he'd lie awake at night…

…consumed with thoughts of her…

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