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Overload: Stories For When Your World Flips Upside Down

Length: 58 pages47 minutes


Sometimes life is hard and catching a break feels like an impossible dream. Whether we do it to ourselves or it catches us by surprise, being overloaded never feels good. Laugh, cry, scream, throw things - there is no telling what will happen when we finally break. In this series of short stories,

+ LEAH has just lost her brother. In her grief, she makes a mistake no one can forgive, least of all her.

+ EDNA is planning fundraisers for a mission trip she's not going on, buying a house with her husband, and trying to keep the peace with her childhood best friend.

+ HALLIE's struggling to get through Thanksgiving a few months after her mother walks out the door.

Read along as they laugh, cry, scream, and maybe throw around a few things of their own.

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