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Schools for Gifted Youngsters Monthly Headmistresses' Dinner: Kunoichi Companion Tales, #3.5

Length: 36 pages18 minutes


Assassination. Espionage. Theft.

Across the ages, the headmistresses of three very unusual schools (along with their very unusual students) share a meal.

Lady Mochizuki Chiyome plays host to two of the only women who can understand why she teaches young women to do very unladylike things. Like her, Locusta the Poisoner and Ma Mandelbaum run schools for very particular students gifted with very particular talents.

Inspired by a conversation with Mackenzi Lee, author of Bygone Badass Broads, this short historical fantasy explores what would happen if three of history's most bloodthirsty schoolmistresses had been able to share a (very carefully checked) meal.

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