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Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Universe: Sherlock Holmes, #16

Length: 145 pages1 hour


He's dying! He's only just realized how much he loves his wife. A choice faces him that few could lightly make.

Author Conan Doyle lives a life of self pleasure, writing famous books, and living with an adoring public and wife.

That all goes sideways when he realizes he's about to die.

Consumed by grief for the love he has not given his wife, he flounders in a world soon to be lost.

How can he possibly make up for all that the love he has never shown?

One day, when his world seems the darkest and death just a step away, a stranger shows up, a man he should know. A man he has written into existence, who asks, "How would you like to keep on living…in my world? A world where Sherlock Holmes is alive!"

Conan faces a decision and a struggle that few ever face.

Now his mission is to decide whether to join the stranger and join Sherlock Holmes and his team, or remain behind and die, losing both his wife and his life.

How will Conan deal with a choice of living in the world of Sherlock Holmes or dying in his own world?

The Baker Street Universe is the first in a series of novels that explores Sherlock Holmes in a world where Steampunk science and magic co-exist through the eyes of the author who wrote him.

Get it now! Grab The Baker Street Universe and join Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes in an adventure that will blow your mind!

And don't miss the second exciting novel, "Shadow over London," to be released on October 28, 2018.

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