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A Courtroom of Ashes

Length: 395 pages5 hours


I always wondered if I'd go to Hell for defending murderers. Now I'll know.

There's a ghost on the other side of my mirror. John, the incredibly charming and incredibly dead man, says my mirror is a window to Purgatory. Which would be fine, if Mr. Eyecandy were the only ghost around.

See, vicious spirits roam free in the land of the dead, and they're after me. Of course. It's only fitting after all the things I've done.

When an evil ghost drags my soul through the mirror and into the great beyond, I will need all the help I can get to return to my body. But Purgatory is a dangerous place for a lawyer with a pitch-black past.

Karma can be a real bitch. And today, it's coming for me. 


★★★★★ "AMAZING!" - Amazon top 100 reviewer
★★★★★ "A fantastic, roller-coaster, mind-bending adventure." The Bookmuse - Goodreads top 100 reviewer
★★★★★ "Santana is one of the most interesting characters I've read in recent memory: complex, strong, capable of both good and terrible things." Nicholas Conley, author of Pale Highway

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