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The Cost of Loving Series

Length: 1,567 pages24 hours


In swinging sixties London, ‘The Cost of Loving’ Series weaves a coming of age tale of epic proportions. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, and often bittersweet, it follows Sophia who, with the guidance of her gay cousin, Ronnie, is transformed from shy, troubled teenager into the sexy, empowered woman he knew she had the potential to become.

It tells of the excitement of the sixties, its changing mores, trends and attitudes, as well as the closeted, anxious world of gay life in a society that is not even close to accepting such perversions, despite so much social change.

An arranged marriage to a man with so many secrets to hide, unlocks the door to her amazing future as Sophia opts for head over heart. It’s a thoroughly unconventional match, but one that’s clearly made in heaven, and where love is not required. That, Sophia decides, can come later, if at all.

As Hollywood discovers this new power couple, there are dark and murky corners where skeletons dwell. And, as Sophia opens up a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of troubles that tumble out and multiply, they are forced to confront their demons. Memories of child abuse and pedophilia re-surface to overwhelm them, as they try to exorcise the ghosts of the past, no matter what the cost.

Eventually, everything they have worked so hard to achieve is put to the test when the horrors of the AIDS plague confront them, bringing fear and loathing into far too many people’s lives as, all about them, too many friends are destroyed.

Who will win? Who will lose? It’s the game of life, and who is strong enough to survive?

WARNING:  Be sure you have plenty of free time because, at almost 1,500 pages in six volumes, it’s long, and you simply will not be able to put it down.

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