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Fun Is On Its Way

Length: 134 pages2 hours


The swinging sixties have just arrived, and holiday camps are flourishing as the first-choice destinations for hard-working British families as they savoured their two weeks of annual fun.

Full of knobbly knees and talent contests, singing and dancing, sand-filled sandwiches and blustery days huddled behind wind-breaks, these stoic holidaymakers accept whatever weather nature throws at them.  Determined to have a mostly lazy, sometimes lively good time, their fun-filled days are often tinged by a boozy haze.

It’s at one of these holiday camps that Ronnie, Sophia’s gay cousin and mentor throughout ‘The Cost of Loving’ series, and his sister Norma, decide to spend the summer working. It`s Ronnie`s first job, and their co-workers, mostly young people just like them, are ‘gagging for it’ as their hormones pulse and throb in their new-found and thrilling freedom.

Ronnie is wide-eyed as he discovers new people, new excitement, new thrills and new fears away from the safety of home and family. And - for the first time - he discovers the joy of sex. That is, he planned to, until those plans are unexpectedly thwarted…

Enjoy this rollicking romp as Ronnie’s and Norma’s desires collide with hilarious and unexpected consequences.

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