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You Are Loved, You Are Appreciated: To My Black and Brown Men, and All The Minorities In This Cold World

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With all the craziness and hate going on in this world, i just wanted to show love to my black, brown, and any other minority man out there who is feeling discourage and tell them that they are loved. As a mother to black boys and married to a black man I just wanted to share a few uplifting words.. I'm not a poet or lyricist at all, these words came from the heart. If you know any minority man who is feeling down and out, do not discourage him. Uplift him, show them how much you love them because right now in the USA too many of our men are killling each other, getting brutalized, and getting killed for the color of their skin. If you are tired of the cruel and ugliness of what's going on, go out and volunteer, donate, and please do not forget to vote!

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