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Dark Illusions: The Beginning - Extended Edition: Dark Illusions

Length: 381 pages5 hours


Author Note: Dark Illusions: The Beginning - Extended Edition has been retold, remade, and redone. This is the original story that it's always been, but it's been through the ringer to bring the characters to life, include lost information, and enrich the entire series with a new does of vibrancy.

In the darkened streets of the city, Kat found herself running from what she swore were the sounds of wolves behind her. Heart pounding, she wasn't sure what was hunting her, but a primal fear enveloped her and screamed, run! Whatever was behind her couldn't catch her. Why, she didn't know.

All Kat knew was that when she came home from work, she found men in the shadows along the street . . . and they were waiting for her.

In the beginning the Awakened were created. Since time began, they have existed. Always there, never seen. Shadows amongst shadows. Vampires with the ability to shape shift into wolves, who retained many of the wolf attributes.

This is a tale of the Awakened and a human who got caught in the middle of a war she knew nothing about. A human who may prove to be the start of a new world for the Awakening.

Ready to take a step into the darkness from writer Kim Iverson? In this paranormal romantic series, you'll find the sounds you hear at night . . . aren't nothing. Dark fantasies and fears collide. Come in if you're brave. The Beginning is just that . . . the beginning.

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