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What God Wants For The Christian Marriage

Length: 54 pages39 minutes


The Christian Couple Manual

Are you in a Christian marriage that sex has become a distant memory?

Has it been month's since you last did your thing or worst years?

Learn about God's Design for your marriage.

Are you blaming everyone and everything, but think of yourself as not being responsible for the Lack of intimacy in your marriage?

Finally, we have found the answer to all the burning issues that have plagued most marriages.

In this book, Nicola speaks of the different things that have caused your well-made bed to be ……. still well made.

If you have suffered for years in the twilight zone of a dead or dying Relationship you will hear from different real-life Married Christians who have suffered silently and helplessly and what they had to do to make positive changes resurrect their Lazarus Marriages.

Rescue your Marriage today

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