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Warm Canvas: An adult crime thriller

Length: 308 pages4 hours


A woman is found wandering in a local park, clean, neatly dressed, and with no memory of where she has been or what has happened to her. Missing for about six weeks, she was repeatedly raped, but that is not all. Her assailant left her with a permanent reminder of him. It is something so unique and beautifully grotesque that it is beyond belief. Local detective Kathy Dradin and her partner get the case and soon other women start to turn up, victims of the same rapist.

On the other side of the country a man is found with a pocket knife in the side of his neck. The FBI is on the trail of a serial killer. Unknown to Kathy the serial killer strikes close to home and the FBI are now searching for their man in her backyard. Over the course of twelve days these cases overlap more and more until they intersect. Are they one case or two?

Fast paced and full of surprises you won’t put it down. 

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