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Petra, Family, and Foes: roll up stones, the Moss are here

Length: 76 pages1 hour


You've heard of a trouble child. What of a trouble family? When Lorcia Moss forgets to pick up her daughter Petra from school, she lies about her being kidnapped. Then together with Charles, they set out to seek her. Meanwhile, Peter, Petra's school teacher, is taking her home, however, circumstances lead Charles and Lorcia to him. When Charles asks who Peter is, Lorcia, despite recognizing him as Petra's teacher, suggests that he might be the kidnapper. This causes Charles to chase him, pelting him with stones until he gets away. Subsequently, he decides to chase him with his car but Lorcia suggests they go home as Petra needs to sleep. However, once the family goes to sleep, Charles drives out to report the criminal. He moves from one police station to the next, about five of them before returning home at dawn. When Peter gets back to school, two days later, he wants nothing to do with Petra. He avoids her questions in class and ignores her calls after class. But Petra calls him out as a kidnapper and he stops to speak to her. However, a school teacher overhears the call of he being a kidnapper and so tries to get Petra away from him. However, Petra frees herself from her grips and runs away, joining Peter in his bus. There, she informs him of her mother’s claim that he was a kidnapper and advices him to take her home in order to ensure that he’s not arrested. He obliges.

But the female teacher who had overheard them, comes to arrest him, with the police. But Charles hears of this and storms there with another team of policemen to Peter’s rescue. He sees Petra and then decides to join her there in order to prove that Peter isn’t a criminal. The press reports on this development, but Peter’s credibility doesn’t get quite restored. Charles decides to get a confession out of Lorcia’s mouth and he does so by threatening to strangle her until she spoke the truth about lying about Petra being kidnapped.

After squeezing her neck a bit, Lorcia confesses and he records it. The recorded tape is played on air and Peter gets exonerated. However, not long after people begin to speculate that the confession may have been under duress. Speculations place Charles as being behind it and it starts generating negative publicity for him. Yet Petra ruins it all for him when she claims, in an attempt to defend her father, that he wasn’t a murderer. Charles is ruined and locks up himself at home. But his friends and neighbours ruin it more for him when they start parading about with placards that say he’s no murderer. This spreads the news even more. Then to redeem his image, Charles enrolls the entire family, including himself, in a karate course that involves a lot of strangulation to dispel the news of him strangling anyone. They then make a video of this and it goes viral, thus ending his shame. Consequently, the family goes on a vacation.

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