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The Day I Emailed Jesus

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In The Day I Emailed Jesus, author Norman Moss takes us on an uplifting and thought-provoking journey seeking truth and enlightenment regarding the Christian religion and the myths, mysteries, and truths surrounding it. To aid him in his quest, he posed 22 searching and profound questions to Jesus. A sample of questions: Is there a God and a heaven? Can humans trust religious leaders? Does God answer prayers? Does each of us have a preordained destiny? Does the Holy Grail exist, and what is it? While some of Jesus’s emails may be contentious and highly controversial to some established religious organisations, The Day I Emailed Jesus introduces a unique opportunity for humankind to become enlightened beings in preparation for the transition from the old world to the new world in Christ. These words of wisdom and truth can act as a beacon of light along the path of individual enlightenment—and ultimately, it is a promise of the gift of participation in God’s heaven on the earth to come.

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