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Flying. A Story About True Heroes

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"Flying" is now available in a single e-book version! Due to popular demand, the master storyteller, Paul John Hausleben releases one of his most popular and famous short stories from his extensive short story collections in an exclusive e-book, single version.

"Flying" is the acclaimed short story from the author's popular anthology, "The Summer Collection." This exclusive version of "Flying" contains not only glorious cover artwork, it also contains special notes from the author explaining some of the background and creation of this remarkable story, as well as, an expanded ending.

"Flying" tells the emotional and poignant story of a World War Two hero and his memorable impact on the life of a young man, and in fact, an entire old city neighborhood, while he tells his war stories, shares in his raw emotions and his remarkable combat experiences. It is a story about the commitment and the sacrifice that ordinary people are willing to make as they rise up from the ranks to become true heroes. This heart-warming story, will leave you teary-eyed and breathless from what is considered by many, to be some of the finest writing of Mr. Hausleben's career. Download your copy today!

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