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Into The Light, Journey Home

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Hi. Into The Light is a book written by myself concerning my Near death experience following a double pulmonary embolism where I was taken on a tour of Heaven and where I was shown many things about Heaven. It was in this near death experience that I would learn a great deal of information otherwise called a download. Some of the main topics of discussion were that life does in deed continue after this life and one of the most important issues God shared with me was to learn that we all need to learn how very important Love is. Also I was shown what we do all day in Heaven. Have you ever asked yourself many different questions concerning what Heaven would be like, what do we look like, Why do innocent young children have to pass? Can my loved ones see me and talk to me? What is the actual death experience like. Do people suffer during death. Is there really a place called hell. Will we all be judged. How can God love us when we mess up so much? These answers and more will be revealed as you join with me and learn about a loving grace filled God who loves each and every one of us.

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