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The Arrogance of Satan

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In every age and in every society, there have been those who grew arrogant and thus became insolent. These people, regarding themselves to be the "centre of the universe," disregard the rights of billions of others and pursue only their own wishes and desires.
However, a human being is merely one of countless breations in this boundless universe. So minute is he that when looked on from far above even the tallest man becomes invisible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, unaware oh their minuteness sone find reasons to boast of themselves.
These are the people who have earned rank in many societies owing to either their beauty possessions or pedigree. These people, referred to as "those who act proudly" in the Qur'an, being overly confident of themselves, aspire to rule over others, assuming that it is they strive to oppress and humiliate other people, while boasting of being "superior" to them.
In this book, we will examine the various aspects of this character, as well as the root of this character, arrogance, a vice adopted by the followers of the Satan, having become manifest ever since the first daz he rebelled against God.

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