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Smile For Me: Heistdom Series, #4

204 pages2 hours


"There's no quitting, no turning back."

With the plan in place, it was time for Edward to work his magic.

The Mona Lisa could possibly be the biggest job of his lifetime and he put everything else aside to concentrate on the only that. Naomi would have to wait. Kyle would be shoved to the back of his mind. His focus was like a laser and it only had eyes for Da Vinci's beauty.

Armed with Syd's chemical wonder, Edward should be able to get the Mona Lisa out safely.

Kyle knows they willbe there, but will he put two and two together? Will Naomi finally get to confront Ed about the information Kendra dug up?

His life is coming together and falling apart, at the same time, and it all comes down to one night in Paris.

Heistdom Series:

Master Thief

Gold Mine

Diamond Heist

Smile For Me

Your Move

Green With Envy

NOTE: Lexy Timms is a USA Today Bestselling author. She loves putting pen to paper on any type of romance. Professional thief, and incredibly hot, Edward tries to figure his way around Naomi. A woman about to teach him a lesson in love. Lexy would like you to note that this story may end on a slight cliff hanger but the series does end on an HEA.

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