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Arcadius-The Black Crystals

280 pages3 hours


Welcome to Ephemeria, a city of secrets.
It is the beginning of the new school year and Arcadius, a twelve year old boy who likes to dream of faraway places and great adventures, is not the least happy with the idea of returning to the maze of the Grand Educational Institute of Ephemeria. Something quite understandable when you are considered the class nerd and a doormat for the class bully, Kratos.
But this year, the first day at school has a few surprises in store for Arcadius. Like the odd dwarf-baker and his genie. Or the strange girl with the piercing green eyes and the scratches on her knees.
And what about the blast above Ephemeria?
The legendary Black Crystals have been stolen and a dark mastermind desperately wants to get hold of them.
Follow a young boy and his friends as they try to solve the mystery of the Black Crystals and save their world from doom.

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