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The Dragon's Guardian: Kaylyn's Story, #1

530 pages8 hours


Raising a dragon isn't easy, especially when dragons and humans have hated each other as long as anyone can remember. Yet Kaylyn Madara is given a dragon egg and has promised to raise it. The hatchling, Nightfire, has an inherited disdain for humanity that doesn't make things easier, and Kaylyn is only thirteen. The adults who see the baby dragon as a threat or a tool are just more problems for the young girl to handle. While allies are willing to step up and guide her, Kaylyn isn't sure that she wants to become the warrior they're trying to turn her into. She sees the growing tension between the dragon clans and the human race and desperately wants to forge peace between them before the hatred turns into an outright war. But there's more than one war on the horizon, and the outcome of either confrontation is going to depend on a dragon and his guardian.

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