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Paradigm Shift

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In the background and inaccurately reported, essentially missed in Media coverage and exposure of backscatter imaging and other advancements having the potential for Criminal and Civil Human Rights Violations, lies squarely Federal Through Wall Surveillance Technology.

The United States Constitution, 4th Amendment, and its' dominant structured ideal of the Inviolate Home have been reduced to completely meaningless, null and void. 

Our (still current) Supreme Court Precedent (2001) regarding evidentiary imaging of United State's Citizens inside the sanctity of their Homes is based upon antiquated and obsolete thermal imaging technology. In 2015, the National Institute of Justice published five articles regarding its' successor, Federal TWS Technology, Through Wall Surveillance. They additionally are not reflective.

Here we will look at its' real world functional application and scope. The continuous use of Federal (TWS) Through Wall Surveillance technology to violate the United States Constitution and rape the American People has not been restricted to our Nation's Federal Agencies. This is also de rigueur, and the work of the day, every single day, at the State Government level. 

It is neither fitting nor necessary to paint broad strokes when this is absolutely factual and finite.  To be clear, at our State Government level Federal Through Wall Surveillance Crime is being committed wholly unrelated to Terrorism and as Agency Mission. Constant criminal use of this technology to violate the United States Constitution and evidentiary rape United States Citizen's through the brick and walls of their Workplaces and Homes.

The implications and potential for criminal misuse are enormous and endless. Factually, adjudicative and societal integration represents a reality exceeding your worst nightmares . . . beyond what you can conceive.

"Paradigm Shift" is a Public Corruption Expose and Federal Crime Victim's story. Evidentiary, Through Wall Surveillance, Government and Law-Enforcement through the brick and walls of your Home, the bane of modern civilization and end of life as you know it.



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