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Secret Code - Spiral of Success: Finally understand the principle of success!

172 pages50 minutes


It does not matter in which area of life you wish for positive changes; the secret code of the success
spiral can be applied at all times.

Learn more in this book about:

The 12 digits of the secret code,
How the success spiral works,
Why procrastination won`t get you anywhere,
What blockages do to you,
How to solve your blockades and success killers on your own,
Effective and sustainable problem solvers

"Instead of the big visions and mega-goals, it is precisely the small steps that make up the big picture.
You will grow with the book, develop, be amazed to see that the spiral decelerate and accelerate you
and after a time of DOing carry you almost weightlessly" (Torsten Will, The Success Coach)

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