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How to Become a Lady

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Marina falls in love with a millionaire named Marius. But she gets drunk and he drugs her in a nightclub. After waking up the next morning, she cannot remember anything. Soon, Marina meets a new guy named Anatolijus, who offers her the chance to earn money by looking for female models online who want to sell their time to wealthy men in Italy for a high price. Everything goes well until Marina finds out that one of the young women has been brutally murdered. Then Marina falls in love with Edgaras, a student who has not yet graduated and has debts. When they start living together, the young woman understands that she is not living the way she always dreamed of. One day, Marina decides to change and goes to see an old lady, Olia. Olia gives Marina wise advice on how to change her attitude to life. When Marina takes a different look at life, everything begins to magically improve. Until one day the past returns.

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