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Death's Retribution

77 pages53 minutes


Sylvia Devlin, a black widow, attending her sixth husband's funeral meets an apparition as she stands alone at the grave. Convinced her imagination was working overtime from the stress, she leaves the graveyard, and the mysterious being behind. 

Maintaining the pretense of the grieving widow until the reading of the will, Sylvia visits her dead husband every day. But with each visit, she is taunted by the phantom, who knows all her history and guides her into an experience she will never forget.

Sylvia discovers her husband sold the foundry and created a new will before he suddenly became ill and died. Now she must stay in the dirty, small town in order to receive the cash rewards she so hungers for. In addition, she must allow the new owner into her home and treat him as a special guest when he comes to inspect the plant and the books. 

Delayed in arriving, Sylvia waits to see what kind of person would invade the solitude of a grieving widow. She puts on a pleasant face and treats Mr. Erich Mott with respect. When she discovers he is single, Sylvia sets her sights on husband seven.

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