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Xi Jinping: Red China, The Next Generation

140 pages


With the rise to power of the fifth generation in 2012, Xi Jinping became the undisputed leader of China. For the first time, the descendant of a Communist hero, a “red princeling,” has reached the highest rungs of power in the Middle Kingdom. His personality a study in contrasts, Xi is the archetypal “son of” the lost generation. A chaotic path has led him from the sweetness of Zhongnanhai, the seat of Chinese political power, to the horrors of the Cultural Revolution. He experienced both honors and disgraces in his succession to the head of the Party.

Xi’s return to Zhongnanhai raises many questions. Will he be an “ephemeral” president? Will he give priority to Reform, turn toward a Western form of government or fall in line with the approach of his elders? As he begins his first term, Xi Jinping knows that many challenges lie ahead, with the absolute imperative to keep China “as stable as Mount Taishan.”

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