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A Matter of Survival

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As I progressed through my first year of Third School, I had little contact with the little girls and boys, who were my classmates. I did have to eat the charity lunch, to get enough nutrition to really work the Loro class. One day, I was ambushed by several of the little educational girls, They wanted to know, why I was scared to take the literature and personal development classes. I lectured the girls, “You know about the Rose of Lady Murgatroyd. You know about the Merchant of Voyez. I know nothing of the Rose of Lady Murgatroyd or the Merchant of Voyez. I know of Advanced Algebra and the VY computer language. You know nothing of Advanced Algebra or the VY computer language. Why is it that you feel that you are superior to me?”
Jeyne replied, “I read the Rose of Lady Murgatroyd and the Merchant of Voyez and I see how others perceive the world.”
I laugh, “I study Advanced Algebra. Advanced Algebra cares nothing about how the student perceives the world. Advanced Algebra perceives the world in one fashion. The student who wants to pass Advanced Algebra had damn well better perceive the world in the identical way. The VY computer language perceives the world in one fashion. The student who wants to pass VY programming had damn well better perceive the world in the identical way. My learning how others perceive the world would be counter productive, in my desired world.”
Jeyne sneers, “I see how others perceive the world. You are going to have to live in a world, where you work for others, who may well perceive the world differently from what you think.”
I lecture, “When I escape from this little world of Third School insanity, I will be paid to do what those who pay me wish done. If the demands are too harsh from one employer, I can seek other paid employment. What will you do?”
Jeyne sneers, “Why would I not do what you would do?”
I lecture, “Your learning is personal, tied to your view of the world. My learning is tied to the way that the universe works. If I leave employment, I have trained skills to offer another employer. All that you can do is to try to find an employer who has a world view more suited to your personal world view.”
Another of the girls asks, “Do you think that your learning Loro gives you a license to beat other people up?”
I laugh, “Those who teach the Loro classes keep very tight control over the Loro students. If a Loro student goes around, looking for a fight, he is soon an ex Loro student. If a non Loro student wants a fight, with a Loro student, fighting boy has to fight, in front of a lot of Loro students. In actual fact, there are very few real fights for a Loro student.”
Another of the girls asks, “You learn to punch other people, in Loro class. Of what use is that in your real world?
I lecture, “I learn to breathe properly, I learn balance, I learn movement. I can now see a little beyond the Loro forms that they have taught us in class, that is Loro theory. I do learn to punch, elbow, forearm, kick or knee people. What I learn in Loro, will stay with me, for the rest of my life.”
Jeyne sneers, “You work, after school, at the computer store. Do you really make any money?
I reply, “I work a little at the computer store, stacking groceries at the food store and even raking leaves in the park. Since I’m just a despised Third School student, I get paid slave wages. I also sell a couple of VY programs, via the computer store. I make very little, selling VY programs. However, the slave wages do enable me to buy my shoes and even give my parents a bit of money.”
Another of the girls says, “You eat the charity lunch here.”
“I have to get enough nutrition to really work the Loro class.”
One of the girls says, “You don’t even go to the music bashes.”
I sigh, “The music bashes cost money, money that I can’t afford.”
Jeyne sneers, “You work to learn only what you think will earn you a living.”

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