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If I Could Convince You of Only One Thing: Essays

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Stemming from the author's involvement with the Humanist Society of New Mexico and the Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association, these essays include strong appeals for women's equality, social justice and economic fairness for all, support of fine arts and media education, and rejection of dehumanizing violence in screen entertainment. The collection is introduced with an adaptation of a talk Zelda presented in 2010, Art and Religion and Science and Reason, followed by 52 essays selected from Zelda's articles for the HSNM Newsletter (2011-2014) and her blog, The Tree (2012-1016). Topics include modern life and human history, art and science, philosophy and religion, pop culture and mass media, money and politics, our dealings with each other, and our relationship to nature. Zelda argues for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would grant U.S. women equal status to men under our Constitution, and for a renewed commitment by all people and nations to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the text of which is included as an appendix to the book. Causes aside, Zelda concludes that getting along with each other has little to do with what we say we believe (or don't believe), and everything to do with genuine respect.

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